• red tiles white tables and credenza

    24 A Benching Xpand Rotating

  • Oak Benching fabric tiles tables

    24 B Benching Xpand Rotating

  • Benching walnut tables with tiles

    24 Benching Xpand Rotating

  • Blue Screen tables in white

    24 C Benching Xpand Rotating

Xpand Systems


XPand System’s benching has the most modern and customizable options to date!  XPand benching offers all of the flexibility to create workstations that best suit your business: from interchangeable storage and accessory options to stations, which range from stationary workspaces to stations with adjustable heights.

  • Fabrics: All Signature Series fabrics (300+)
  • Work Surfaces: All Signature Series work surfaces
  • Reach: Benching Paint: White Frost (Standard)*

1% upcharge for all other OPS standard colors (BU, MT, LT, HF, MS)

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Create countless combinations of workstations using customizable station sizes and return options. Add screens to provide privacy without sacrificing space. Mix and match your accessories and power options. Complete your workstations by adding low storage.