• Desking 180 panels file glass

    30 Desking Teamworx Rotating

  • Desking Birch L-shaped credenza hutches

    30 B Desking Teamworx Rotating

  • Desk Walnut tables credenza tiles

    30 A Desking Teamworx Rotating

  • Desking walnut tables credenza files

    22 Desking Teamworx Rotating

  • Desking Glass tiles tables and files

    22 A Desking Teamworx Rotating

TeamWorx Desking

The future is here with TeamWorx Desking.  First of all,  of office environments that DeskMakers System creates is that leader. TeamWorx offers a new way to design open floor plans, while also adding unique features for private offices. Therefore, if you’re tired of the same old cubicles, you need to consider TeamWorx, the workspace creations without panels. Most noteworthy, you select from the components to create your own work environment. Above all, let our designers show you the possibilities and give you a accurate space plan that shows your new furniture in your office space.

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15 Laminates to select Stylish leg support options Cushion fabric selections Add glass, overhead storage, tack boards, dry erase Files cabinet options to match any requirement

Thermofuse Laminate Finishes
Solid Black laminate
Grained Black Forest Walnut laminate
Grained cafe latte laminate
Grained Cognac laminate
Solid Dove Grey laminate
Solid Gunmetal Grey laminate
Grained Hardrock Maple laminate
Grained Iconic Maple laminate
Marbled Intrique Laminate
Light grained Iron Hemlock laminate
Grey Grained Loft laminate
Grained Mahogany laminate
Grained Natural Ash laminate
Grained Night Fall laminate
Grained Oil Cherry laminate
Solid Regal White laminate
Grained Rustic Oak laminate
Grained Silver Wood laminate
Grained Spice Walnut laminate
Grained Tenino Grey laminate
Grained Tuscan Walnut laminate
Grained Yorkshire Cherry laminate
Black curved pull 101BL handle
Surved silver pull 101SN handle
Silver bow 105SN handle
Silver bow 108SN handle
Thin Silver pull 115SN handle
Thin Silver Pull 125SN handle
Silver pull 152SN handle
Silver pull 154SN handle
Silver pull 158SN handle
Black Knob 201BL handle
Silver Knob 201SN handle
Silver styled 302SN handle
Silver straight 304SN handle
Brown Ace fabric sample
Brown pattern Axis fabric sample
Brownish Bangle fabric sample
gold solid Core fabric sample
Beige solid Current fabric sample
gold solid Epic fabric sample
Gold speck Expo fabric sample
Grey Fuse fabric sample
grey gold Habit fabric sample
Tope Hue fabric sample
Solid grey Infinity fabric sample
Beige Insight fabric sample
Circles grey Knack fabric samples
Stripped brown Lineup fabric sample
Solid grey Marathon fabric sample
Gold Millennium fabric sample
Stopped grey Odyssey fabric sample
Solid Brown Origin fabric sample
Gold Green Perk fabric Sample
Solid brown Propensity fabric sample
Tope Syntax fabric sample
Grey Green Tradition fabric sample
Brown solid Vox fabric sample
Brown solid Agora fabric sample
Grey circles Amuse fabric sample
Brown Squares Avenue fabric sample
Dark Grey fabric sample
Solid grey fabric sample
Brown Clang fabric sample
Brownish Cover Cloth fabric sample
Grey Pattern fabric sample
Greyish Impact fabric sample
Greyish Intermix11 fabric sample
Brownish Intersect fabric sample
Brownish Keynote fabric sample
Multi color Kinney fabric sample
Brownish Solace fabric sample
Greyish Solo2 fabric sample
Greyish Vario fabric sample
Brownish Venue fabric sample
Via fabric sample