• Overture reception with files maple

    Deskmakers Overture 47

  • Overture reception 8' long walnut

    Deskmakers Overture 47A

  • Overture reception 8' long birch

    Deskmakers Overture 47B

Overture Reception Station

Deskmakers Overture Reception Station strikes the perfect balance between design quality, functionality and affordability. For that reason, Overture is available in a wide variety of finishes, materials, sizes and styles. Hence, this desk is certain to help your office make a great first impression. Our tables and training area furniture are a great find.

Functionality of Overture

Our Overture makes important statement about functionality. First of all, Overture is well designed with easy entrance and wide counter top. Most noteworthy, Overture meets all legal codes and regulations.


Above all, Overture Reception Station offer four different shell styles. Above all, they offer are a variety of transaction counter add-ons. Overture has multiple design components. Therefore, these components can be used to create varied shapes and sizes. Home Page

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