• 6x8 cubicle with top section glass and surfaces


  • 120 degree cubicle configuration with panels


  • Open Plan Panels and freestanding furniture


  • Reception station with transaction top


OPS2 System


System gives you flexibility and adaptability. Therefore you can create your desired business setting of today and evolve with the future.

Flexibility with Functionality

OPS2 Panel System’s timeless design easily adapts to changing work environments.  Certainly, open plan concepts creates smaller collaborative work stations or privacy options. For that reason, designers will enjoy the flexibility and variety of the OPS2 Panel System.  While, using monolithic, segmented or glass options, our OPS2 Panel System has just what you need for any project!

Create a Designer Look

Finally, by employing the original open-plan concept, create a designer look at a budget price. Do this with the all new OPS2 System. In contrast, this product is fully compatible with existing workstations. Including all accessories of our OPS2 Panel System. As a result, you will enjoy being able to integrate your existing stations with a true tile system. Hence, this design is engineered to save space and adapt by using

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Panel widths ranging from 12″-60″w Panel heights ranging from 32″-85″h Segmented Glass, Fabric and Marker Board Stacker Options Monolithic Fabric, Fabric Tackable and Acoustic Options Corrugated, honeycombed paperboard core Powered panel has a factory installed electrical harness that distribute double-sided, 4 circuit power within a cable management raceway

Grey Strata fabric sample
Brownish Zest fabric sample
Grey Weave Zenith fabric sample
Greenish Unison fabric sample
Beige Traction fabric sample
Yellow Streetwise fabric sample
Grey Starburst fabric sample
Greyish Sprite fabric sample
Goldish Spinel fabric sample
Grey Nexus fabric sample
Greyish Mingle fabric sample
Grey Midway fabric sample
Greenish Hinge fabric sample
Blueish weave fabric sample
Brownish Drift fabric sample
Beige Dayton fabric sample
Grey Crosstown fabric sample
Brown Stick Comet fabric sample
Brown shell Patterned fabric sample
Grey gold Coastline fabric sample
Grey Weave Coalition fabric sample
red Whisper fabric sample
Brownish Century fabric sample
Grey Digit Phasing fabric sample
Blue Bailey fabric sample
Greyish Axis fabric sample
Beige Anchorage fabric sample
Grey Weave Rattan fabric sample
Purple Stick Reeds fabric sample
blueish Cape Cod fabric sample
Work Surfaces
Solid Beige Pampas Laminate
Curve Cap Black Umber
Grained Buka Bark laminate
Solid Desert Zephyr laminate
Curve Cap Grained Empire Mahogany
Curve Cap Folkstone Grey
Curve Cap grained Hardrock Maple
Curve Cap Grained Henna Cherry
Curved cap Inner Tone Light
Curve Cap Light Tone
Curve Cap Medium Tone
Grained Monticello Maple laminate
Solid Satin Stainless laminate
Solid Shadow Ridge laminate
Grained White Cypress laminate
Curve cap White Frost
round cap Inner Tone light
Round cap Light Tone
Round cap Medium Tone
Round cap Metallic Silver
Round Cap White Frost
Solid Beige Pampas laminate
Curve cap Black Umber
Grained Buka Bark laminate
Solid Desert Zephyr laminate
Curve Cap Empire Mahogany grained
Curve Cap Folkstone grey
Curve cap grained Hardrock Maple
Curve cap grained Henna Cherry
Curved edge Cap Inner Tone light
Curved Edge Cap Light Tone
Curved edge cap Medium Tone
grained Monticello Maple laminate
Solid Satin Stainless laminate
Grained Shadow Ridge laminate
Grained White Cypress laminate
Curve edge cap White Frost
Round Cap Inner Tone Light
Round cap Light Tone
Round Cap Medium Tone
Round Caps Metallic Silver
Round caps White Frost
Square Caps Bronze
Square caps Frosted
square caps in smoke