• Novo 1 cluster cube files panels surfaces


  • Novo 2 dual cube file surface panels


  • Novo 3 6 pack files surface panels


NOVO Systems

Our newest system, Novo Systems, combines the installation ease of monolithic panels with the design aesthetic of segmented panels. Due to, that it is shipped pre-built.

Creative Design

Because Novo is a new type of system — based on a monolithic panel, we’ve integrated the segmented look that ships pre-assembled, for a great aesthetic quality without complex installation requirements. Consequently you can mix and match fabrics, whiteboard, perforated metal and glass. Finally you bypass additional labor and installation costs. Due to the pre-built segmented panels, including integrated whiteboard we offer.


Design features include a slim base that runs flush with the panels. Furthermore, a variety of leg and worksurface designs are available. Certainly, our new storage and fresh Cloud White finish will impress. Even more, Glass is available glazed or frameless.

Styles and Finishes

While, Novo Systems combines the design flexibility of a segmented system with the ease of installation of monolithic. In contrast, Multi-finish segments ship in pre-fabricated monolithic panels, for the best of both worlds. Novo will soon be your go-to favorite, featuring a slim base, updated storage, leg and worksurface options and a fresh new Cloud White finish.

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Available as either monolithic or pre-built segmented panels • Glass: Partial glazed/frameless • Powered/non-powered panels • Whiteboard, perforated metal, fabric and acoustical panels • New support and worksurface designs • 3 paint finishes and 36 fabrics • Limited Lifetime Warranty to original owner

Beige Gull fabric sample
gold Amber fabric sample
Brownish Trail fabric sample
Blue Brook fabric sample
Green Leaf fabric sample
Greyish Quartz fabric sample
Light grey Wing fabric sample
Grey Grove fabric sample
Light brown Natural fabric sample
Grey Graphite fabric sample
Green Field fabric sample
Grey Overcast fabric sample
Greyish Parids fabric sample
Brownish Terra fabric sample
Greenish Moss fabric sample
greyish Birch fabric sample
gold Caramel fabric sample
Solid Plum fabric sample
Purplish Orchid fabric sample
Grey blue Azure fabric sample
Greenish Serenity fabric sample
Pink Flamingo fabric sample
redish Cardinal fabric sample
Dark Blue Blueberry fabric sample
Green blue Ocean fabric sample
Orange Pumpkin fabric sample
Green Avocado fabric sample
Yellow Mustard fabric sample
Green Stem fabric sample
blue Breeze fabric sample
Beige Crema fabric sample
Grey Sterling fabric sample
Tope Latte fabric sample
Brown Java fabric sample
Purple Vintage fabric sample
Blue Twilight fabric sample
Green Verde fabric sample
Grey Pewter fabric sample
Grey Slate fabric sample
Dark stick design Smoke fabric sample
Stick design Straw fabric sample
Green Stick design Sage fabric sample
Brown stick design Almond fabric sample
Greyish Earth fabric sample
Greyish Wave fabric sample
Green grey Dusk fabric sample
Light Grey Cloud fabric sample
Solid E8 Black Umber finish
Grained Licorice laminate
Grained E31 Arctic Laminate
Grained Medium Ash laminate
Solid Storm fabric sample
Solid E28 Winter fabric sample
Solid E27 Tarmac fabric sample
Grained E26 Bark laminate
Solid E25 Harbor fabric sample
Grained E24 Medium Oak laminate
Solid E23 Sandstone fabric sample
Solid E22 Fog fabric sample
Grained E21 Capitan laminate
Grained E20 Cocoa laminate
Grained E19 Tundra laminate
Grained E18 Mousse laminate
Grained E15 Medium Walnut laminate
Grained E14 Light Walnut laminate
Grained Medium Cherry laminate
Grained E1 Light Maple laminate
Grained E2 Light Cherry laminate
Grained E4 Dark Mahogany laminate
Grey E6 Light Grey finish
white E7 Off White finish
White E9 Cloud White finish
Blackish E10 Espresso finish
Tope E11 Medium Tone finish
blackish E12 Dark Tone finish
Grained E17 Carob laminate
Solid Black Umber finish
Solid Silver finish
Solid Cloud White finish
solid Black Umber finish
Solid Cloud White finish
Solid Dark Tone finish
Solid Light Gray finish
solid Medium Tone finish
Solid Silver finish
Solid Medium Tone finish
Solid Light Grey laminate
Solid Dark Tone finish
solid 1572-60 Antique White laminate
Grained 7924-07 Biltmore Cherry laminate
Solid 1595-60 Black laminate
Grained 17933K-7 Cafelle laminate
grained 7040K-78 Figured Mahogany laminate
Grained 7909-60 Fusion Maple Laminate
Solid D91-60 Slate Gray laminate
grained 7054-60 Wild Cherry laminate
Grained American Cherry laminate
Grained Natural Oak laminate
Grained Ebony Walnut laminate
Grained Natural Walnut laminate
grained Warm Walnut laminate
grained Wild Cherry laminate
Grained Medium Oak laminate
grained Warm Maple laminate
Grained Natural Maple laminate
Grained Golden Maple laminate
Grained Fusion Maple laminate
Grained Medium Mahogany laminate
Grained Light Mahogany laminate
grained Deep Mahogany laminate
Grained Warm Cherry laminate
Grained Medium Cherry laminate
Grained Espresso Cherry laminate
grained Deep Cherry laminate
Grained Cordovan Cherry laminate
grained Biltmore Cherry laminate
Grained Axiom Cherry laminate
Grained M28 Arctic laminate
Grained M27 Medium Ash laminate
Solid M26 Storm laminate
Solid M25 Winter fabric sample
Solid M24 Tarmac fabric sample
Grained M23 Bark laminate
solid M22 Harbor fabric sample
grained M21 Medium Oak laminate
Solid M20 Sandstone fabric sample
Solid M19 Fog fabric sample
grained M18 Capitan laminate
Grained M17 Cocoa laminate
Grained M16 Tundra laminate
Grained M15 Mousse laminate
grained M14 Carob laminate
Grained M12 Medium Walnut laminate
Grained M11 Light Walnut laminate
Grained M1 Light Maple laminate
Grained M2 Light Cherry laminate
Grained M3 Medium Cherry laminate
Grained M4 Dark Mahogany laminate
Grained M5 Light Mahogany laminate
Solid M6 Light Gray laminate
Solid M7 Off White laminate
Grey M8 Grey specks finsh
White M9 Cloud White finish
Blackish M10 Espresso finish
Solid M29 Raven laminate
Grained M13 Licorice Laminate