We are Office Furniture Liquidators and asset recovery specialists.

Bell Modular Systems is a leading office furniture liquidators and cubicle buyers. First of all, we purchase large inventories of quality used office furniture. It comes from some of the most prestigious corporations and companies from New York to San Francisco. Our goal is to acquire and offer high quality used furniture to our clients. Therefore, our inventories are constantly changing with added inventories arriving daily.
Also, if you have a single office or an entire building that you would like us to consider purchasing please use the contact page on this sight and give us your contact information. As liquidators, in contrast, we call you to begin the process. We can not purchase all furniture that is offered to us. We must be selective to keep a quality inventory. But we would be happy to review your furniture at no charge. Photos and inventory quantities are needed to accurately set a monitary value on your furniture.

Why use Bell Modular Systems as your furniture liquidators and cubicle buyers?

1. Experience- Most noteworthy, with 20 plus years liquidation history, we have faced and completed about every type of liquidation situation
2. Insurances- we have the high levels of liability and workers comp insurances so we can legally enter any building in the United States.
3. Deadlines and time concerns- we first determine the time expectations of the sellers and make our plans to insure at those expectation are accomplished.
4. Professionalism- Our movers and crew leaders have the equipment and expertise to take a professional liquidation from beginning to end.
5. Monetary Concerns- Finally, once we have been awarded a purchase we separate the funds for use on that project alone. We always pay our bills on time.

We buy used office furniture as liquidators
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