• tri Screen adjustable hite

    28 A Hite Adj Emerge 11

  • Dual Screen adjustable hite

    28 B Hite Adj Emerge 11 Rotating

  • Dual screen adjustable hite

    28 Hite Adj Emerge 11 rotating

Emerge II

FIRST OF ALL, YOU CAN TURN ANY STATIONARY DESK INTO A SIT-STAND STATION EMERGE II FEATURES + STABILITY IS KEY. The all-metal construction gives you peace of mind that Emerge will support your workstation’s needs.

+ Most noteworthy, the REMOTE CONTROL Easily control your Emerge unit with the magnetic remote controller.

+ Hence, the ROOM TO WORK Emerge provides plenty of room to handle all your daily tasks – it is perfect for laptop users as well!

+ SINGLE, DUAL & TRIPLE MONITOR MOUNTS Customize your Emerge unit with a single, dual (shown) or triple monitor mount (sold separately).

+ ADDITIONAL PORTS Enjoy easy access to two additional power and USB ports on the back.



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