• Walnut adj hite table with electrical

    26 My Hite Rotating

  • Desking adj Hite table cherry

    26 B My Hite Rotating

  • Light Walnut Adj Hite table with screens

    26 A My HIte Rotating

My Hite

The applied science of equipment design, for the workplace, intended to maximize productivity by reducing operator fatigue and discomfort. The modern office is here: ergonomic at the touch of a button, wired, power and data driven with clean, efficient furniture that allows you to adapt …Read more  »
  • Off White Adj Hite tables credenza

    27 A Hite Adj Sit Stand Rotating

  • Desking Adj Hite table credenz warerob

    27 B Hite Adj Sit Stand Rotaing

  • Adjustable table off white

    27 Hite Adj Sit Stand Rotating

Sit-Stand Tables

Standing promotes activity and movement, aiding in body circulation and maintaining focus throughout the day. ADJUST Both our Grade 1 and Grade 2 Powered Adjustable Height Tables aim to make sitting and standing a core part of your day. ALL ADJUST TABLES INCLUDE: + 3 …Read more  »
  • Adjustable height table 60

    29 A Hite Adj PHAT

  • Adjustable height table 60

    29 Hite Adj PHAT Rotating

PHAT Tables

PHAT Tables are Pneumatic Height Adjustable Tables. The table height is easily adjusted by hand with the quality dual-pneumatics and synchronized operation. Save the expense of motorized tables that are seldom adjusted. There are fully enclosed center channels that conceal the components. Sit or stand …Read more  »
  • tri Screen adjustable hite

    28 A Hite Adj Emerge 11

  • Dual Screen adjustable hite

    28 B Hite Adj Emerge 11 Rotating

  • Dual screen adjustable hite

    28 Hite Adj Emerge 11 rotating

Emerge II

TURN ANY STATIONARY DESK INTO A SIT-STAND STATION EMERGE II FEATURES + STABILITY IS KEY The all-metal construction gives you peace of mind that Emerge II will support your workstation’s needs. + REMOTE CONTROL Easily control your Emerge unit with the magnetic remote controller. + …Read more  »