Space Planning and Design

Space Planning and Designs

Space Planning is a skill that requires years of experience and spacial talents that inspire attractive efficient work spaces. First we come to the client’s location and define with the client the requirements, needs and wishes for the new work space. Once product has been selected we discuss with the client different layout options. Then we design a space plan that defines the layout within the clients site. After review and approval by the client, we complete the detailed layout drawings. We then proceed to the installation process.

Reception Stations

Reception Stations
With one of these reception station desks and a receptionist present, things will get organized and much time is saved for you, your employees and the company in general. You won’t be bothered with every single, not essential question that arises and only be consulted when there is a serious issue that needs your attention.

Don’t forget your receptionist will need a comfortable place to sit in all day, like one of our great chairs (click here to go to our discount office chairs page).

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