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Tiles is a solid, design-savvy system that allows for a custom look without the added cost or lead time. Tiles makes it easy to create beautiful and functional environments for my most discerning customers and complex space planning needs .

A highly durable frame and tile system featuring a solid steel structure and mix and match finish options.

Customization at its best

With Tiles™, offers a frame and tile system with enhanced structural integrity, ease of installation, and unlimited design possibilities. We have upgraded this solid steel frame and tile system for enhanced durability, longevity and easy reconfiguration. Tiles offers a superior sound experience with full accoustical tiles that are also tackable. Power and data are available at beltline or baseline, with a large cable lay-in capability. Available in a variety of sizes and materials to allow for creative freedom in designing all your workspaces.

Tiles is a frame and tile system with easy installation and reconfiguration, available in multiple finish options for maximum design flexibility. Constructed of a one-piece welded frame and draw rod, this system also offers acoustical and tackable fabric panels and power available at both baseline and beltline. With six tile materials — fabric, glass, perforated metal, whiteboard, tool rail and laminate — Tiles is our most flexible systems product for interior designers and complex space planning needs. Offered at Friant’s signature pricepoint, it’s also back up with a lifetime warranty to its original owner.

ƒƒ Available as either monolithic or pre-built segmented panels  •  Glass: Partial glazed/frameless  •  Powered/non-powered panels  •  Whiteboard, perforated metal, fabric and acoustical panels  •  New support and worksurface designs  •  3 paint finishes and 36 fabrics  •  Limited Lifetime Warranty to original owner

Laminate Finishes - click a swatch below for larger view
Light Cherry
Light Gray
Light Maghogany
Light Maple

Silky Fabrics - click a swatch below for larger view
Silky Field
Silky Graphite
Silky Natural
Silky Overcast
Silky Parids

Sky Fabrics - click a swatch below for larger view
Sky Birch
Sky Moss
Sky Terra

Slide Fabrics - click a swatch below for larger view
Slide Breeze
Slide Verde
Slide Twilight
Slide Sterling
Slide Stem
Slide Slate
Slide Pewter
Slide Latte
Slide Java
Slide Crema
Slide Caramel
Slide Vintage

Passage Fabrics - click a swatch below for larger view

Terrain Fabrics - click a swatch below for larger view