Cubicle Installation Service

If you are needing professional cubicle installers to reconfigure, move, disassemble or install your cubicles, we have a large staff of highly experience installation specialists whose goal is to accomplish a smooth and timely installation with attention to detail and clients needs. The Project Manager works closely with the installers to coordinate all details and site conditions prior to installation. We are fully insured for a professional performance. Use the Contact Page and we will call to arrange a installation quote.

Delivery Pricing Method

Pricing for delivery services depends on distance traveled, ease of access, and size of vehicle needed. Distance from the warehouse to the client’s location is part of the consideration in pricing. Obviously the farther the distance the more delivery time and gas expenses will occur. Ease of access asks questions about the location. Can we deliver during business hours or are deliveries only possible after hours (before 7:00am or after 6:00PM)? Does the location have a loading dock, or street access only? Does the location require insurance certificates from our insurance company? Does the location have elevators or does the furniture need to be carried up? Do we need to cover floors, walls, elevators from possible damage? And the last consideration is the size of vehicle. What vehicle is needed? Can a van deliver, or do we need a truck or multiple trucks? Once we have this information, we can give an accurate estimate for delivery of furniture.

Pricing for Installation Services

We use professional installers with years of experience and skills to offer quick and complete installations. Pricing is determined by quantity and sizes of cubicles, manufacturer and model of cubicles, estimate time required and ease of access. The quantity of cubicle is considered because large quantities usually mean a lower per cubicle price. Installers give quantity discounts per cube. And small sizes obviously take less time to build than larger size cubicles. The manufacturer and model are important because there is a wide variation of time needed to install different models. One model may take 2 hours and another more need 4 more hours. Ease of access asks specific questions. What hours of the day are available to install? How far much the installers drive to reach the location? Is it a construction area or completed office? Installers charge a four hour minimum, so smaller job may be affected by this charge.

Please use Contact Us to start communication so we may give you a cost quote for our delivery and installation services.

Furniture Liquidators- We buy used office furniture

If you have a single office or an entire building that you would like us to consider purchasing please use the contact page on this sight and give us your contact information. We will call you to begin the process. Photos and quantities are needed to help prepare a Purchase Bid.

Bell Modular Systems is a leading nationwide liquidation specialist. We purchase large inventories of quality used office furniture from some of the most prestigious corporations and companies from New York to San Francisco. Our goal is to acquire and offer high quality used furniture to our clients. Our inventories are constantly changing with added inventories arriving daily.

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Space Planning and Designs

Space Planning and Design Space Planning is a skill that requires years of experience and spacial talents that inspire attractive efficient work spaces. First we come to the client’s location and define with the client the requirements, needs and wishes for the new work space. Once product has been selected we discuss with the client different layout options. Then we design a space plan that defines the layout within the clients site. After review and approval by the client, we complete the detailed layout drawings. We then proceed to the installation process.

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Used Office Cubicles and Workstations

Used Office Cubicles

Save money and buy directing out of the warehouse. Our warehouses are packed with all sizes from efficient telemarketing or call center cubicles to large 10’ by 10’ executive office cubicles. We sell only quality used cubicles that have all the original parts and cosmetic covers. The cubicles are steamed cleaned before delivery. We sell all the major manufacturers like Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth, Knoll, Allsteel, and Hon. To see our current inventory either visit the warehouse showroom or look through our Used Cubicles and Workstations pages. We receive new inventories regularly so if you don’t see what you are looking for on this site, call us at (818)782-6200 to ask about recent arrivals that may not be on our web site yet.

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